Jennifer GrayAward-winning children's author

About Me


Hi, I’m Jennifer Gray and this is my cat, Henry. I live in London and in Perthshire in Scotland with my husband, Richard, and four children. I write comedy for kids including the Atticus Claw and Guinea Pigs Online series, which I co-write with Amanda Swift.

I started writing about 10 years ago, but didn’t get my first book published until May 2012, which tells you what a lot of rubbish I wrote before that. Luckily writing is like swimming or playing the recorder – you get better at it if you practise.

Now the tabby with talent is on his fifth adventure and the guinea pigs are on their sixth. I am also writing Chicken Mission and (with Amanda) Puppies Online. As my dad would say it just shows what you can achieve if you persevere!