Jennifer GrayAward-winning children's author

Guinea Pigs Online: The Ice Factor

The weather outside is cold and snowy, but Fuzzy and Coco are as warm as toast in the house, enjoying their favourite TV shows.

Fuzzy loves the cookery programmes, while Coco is a huge fan of The Ice Factor, a celebrity skating competition. But some of their furry friends are not so lucky – it’s freezing out in the copse, and someone has been stealing the animals’ food!

Fuzzy and Coco decide to use the skills they’ve learnt from their favourite TV shows to help their friends. Fuzzy cooks up some Volcano Veg and Coco reckons that a skating competition on the frozen pond is just what everyone needs to cheer them up. But has Coco learnt her lesson about being careful on the computer? Or is Renard, the fox, still out to trick her? And who is really stealing the food?

It’s Eduardo who gets all steamed up when he finds out the truth.

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Publication date: November 6, 2014
ISBN: 9781848665187
Publisher: Quercus

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