Jennifer GrayAward-winning children's author

A Call to Wings


Dear Fellow Poultry,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to warn you that we are in imminent danger of attack. One of the world’s most evil predators – Thaddeus E Fox – has gathered together a MOST WANTED gang of ferocious villains in his burrow in the Deep Dark Woods. Their aim: to catch and eat poultry everywhere.

I regret to inform you that no birdy is safe. I repeat: NO BIRDY IS SAFE.

However, help is at hand. I have appointed the great Shigong Egg, first emu of martial arts, to find THREE TOP CHICKEN AGENTS to defend bird kind. The three chickens he selects will be trained in warrior skills at the International School of Kung Fu for Poultry in Tibet to prepare them for battle on our behalf.

My message to you is DO NOT FEAR: these chickens will be great warriors: capable of defending poultry everywhere against our foes. Their fighting skills will be second to none; their intelligence of the highest order; and their discipline superb. They will defeat our enemies; you have my word.

They will soon be ready for their first CHICKEN MISSION. Until then, my friends, remain vigilant and have courage.

Professor Emeritus Rooster