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Meet the Illustrator

Chicken Mission is illustrated by the lovely Hannah George. You might not know this but sometimes illustrators are given suggestions by the publisher about what pictures to draw to go with the text. Here is an extract from Hannah’s brief:

FULL PAGE pic of Ruth, Amy and Boo arriving at the Chicken HQ. They are standing inside the potting sheds. At one end is the sleeping quarters and at the other is a large cupboard marked GADGETS. And in the middle of the potting sheds on top of a cardboard box is an old laptop computer with three garden stools in front of it for the chickens to sit on. Ruth is inspecting gadgets and Boo is examining the sleeping quarters. Amy is next to the birdbath, holding a small blue packet with a picture of a chicken on the front.

And here is the picture! Isn’t she brilliant? See more of Hannah’s work

Chicken HQ

Chicken HQ