Jennifer GrayAward-winning children's author

Cat Detective

I used to be the world's greatest cat burglar but since I moved in with the Cheddar family at Number 2 Blossom Crescent, Littleton-on-Sea I've become the world's greatest cat detective. I've had loads of adventures and rescued Inspector Cheddar from villains more times than I can count on one paw. And whenever one adventure finishes there always seems to be another one just around the corner. Have you read them all??

"I am an elderly gentleman close to 70 who happens to love cats, and my wife as well as I find the Atticus books extremely amusing as well as well written, so carry on Jennifer Gray, you are doing well. Best regards from admirers from Denmark."


"Funny and full of adventure, this bestselling series is perfect for animal-mad boys and girls aged 7+, or simply for those wanting to crack a great mystery story!"

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