Jennifer GrayAward-winning children's author

Guinea Pigs Online Books

Guinea Pigs Online: The Ice Factor

The weather outside is cold and snowy, but Fuzzy and Coco are as warm as toast in the house, enjoying their favourite TV shows. Fuzzy loves the cookery programmes, while Coco is a huge fan of The Ice Factor, a celebrity skating competition. But some of …

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Guinea Pigs Online: Bunny Trouble

Fuzzy and Coco’s owners are organising an Easter Fair at the Animal Rescue Centre. They bring home a naughty little bunny called Binny in the hope that she will learn to behave. Then she can find a new owner at the fair. But Binny is determined to caus …

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Guinea Pigs Online: Christmas Quest

It’s Christmas in Strawberry Park. Fuzzy and Coco are decorating the hutch and putting up their broccoli Christmas tree. But when Henrietta’s mother is called to investigate the mystery of missing Inca gold, the furry friends find themselves on a plane …

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Guinea Pigs Online: Viking Victory

A nasty builder with a huge digger is threatening the guinea pigs’ woodland! The furry pals must protect it – but how? Terry wants to tell all his friends online… Eduardo thinks a protest song will do the trick… While Coco just wants everyone to get on …

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Guinea Pigs Online: Furry Towers

Fuzzy and Coco are online again! This time, they’ve found the holiday of their dreams – in a luxury guinea pig hotel. But on arrival at Furry Towers, they find it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. The lettuce is soggy, there’s no pet spa and their hutch …

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Guinea Pigs Online

Fuzzy and Coco are guinea pigs who live with their kindly owners, Ben and Henrietta Bliss. Coco likes to spend her days pampering herself and listening to harp concertos. Fuzzy is much more down to earth – he is a passionate cook who wants nothing more …

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