Jennifer GrayAward-winning children's author

Friendship: A Song by Eduardo

eduardo_smallerWhen I first came to Strawberry Park,
I used to sit here in the dark,
I felt so lonely when I see
That guinea pigs here don’t want to be free.

I would sit inside my burrow,
Mending my satchel, feeling sorrow,
Sometimes I’d go out, find the fox
Pull his ears and biff his chops.

Then one day I met Coco,
She turned up in my loco,
Tell the truth I quite like her,
She is smart and has rosette fur.

Now I’m friends with her and Fuzzy,
We have adventures, get real buzzy,
I’m so happy – we three are fine,
They call us guinea pigs online.

Caramba! my life, now it rocks,
I fight for freedom in the copse!
Guinea pigs of the world unite,
Against the baddies we will fight.

That’s all.