Jennifer GrayAward-winning children's author

Guinea Pigs Online

Fuzzy and Coco are guinea pigs who live with their kindly owners, Ben and Henrietta Bliss. Coco likes to spend her days pampering herself and listening to harp concertos. Fuzzy is much more down to earth – he is a passionate cook who wants nothing more than to learn to make delicious meals for Ben and Henrietta…

So when Fuzzy spots an ad run by glamorous local chef Scarlet Cleaver stating ‘Guinea Pigs Wanted’, he is enormously excited – what a chance to learn some cooking skills! Coco warns him that the ad is not what he thinks, but he won’t listen; when she’s not looking, he sneaks off to find the restaurant.

And so Coco has to get online to try track Fuzzy down. But when Micespace reveals that guinea pigs from all over town have been taken away in a van by Scarlet Cleaver herself, Coco must set off on a rescue mission to prevent Fuzzy from ending up as main course on The Meat Cleaver’s menu!

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Publication date: April 26, 2012
ISBN: 9780857389909
Publisher: Quercus

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Reviews of Guinea Pigs Online

"An enjoyable read, which ties in plenty of different threads to keep the story going ... a welcome addition to a class library"

Books for Keeps

"adorably zany story ... Bursting with jokes"

The Telegraph

"Slightly crazy and definitely out there but a really original tale for little ones"

The Sun

"A really amusing story, with irresistible characters, that will delight readers age 5+, in a chunky format that is just right for small hands"

Parents in Touch

"Guinea Pigs Online is a wonderfully entertaining book to read ... I can't wait for the sequel!"

Your Pets Online Magazine